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Founder, Cardiologist

Anthony O’Neil

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Anthony O’Neil
Vivo Clinic Founder

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College and Studies

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Awards and Achievements

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Public Participation

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Our Senior Citizens For Whom We’re Here

Great Story Means Everything

My Mother has resided here for the past 2 years. We are blessed to be part of this wonderful, senior caring community.
Vivian Kirk
Patient’s daugther
Everything worked out so well. The move-in went so smoothly, and I have to say that my dear father is exactly where he wanted to be.
Jesse Norman
Patient’s son
I had reservations but Vivo Homes answered all of our needs. I'm sure that my sister will continue to be happy in her new home.
Phil Marshall
Patient’s brother
Five stars all the way! Can’t praise them enought, honestly! Everything's very bright and sunny. The entire staff is very friendly.
Rita Jennings
Patient’s daugther
Excellence is Our Specialty

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Medical Excellence Every DayIt’s time for you to move to a retirement community.

What To Do With Your Family Home
If you own your own home, you’ll need to figure out what you’ll do with it once you move to a senior community.
Downsizing Your Belongings
The chances are high that you’ll need to downsize your belongings and lifestyle before moving into an community.
Discuss Finances With Your Family
Many communities are affordable, but some may cost more than others. Prices can vary significantly.
Hiring Help Before You Move To Vivo
You can make the moving process more manageable and ensure a smooth transition by hiring moving help.

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